Laser Hair Reduction in San Jose

You want to: Reduce unwanted hair

Our laser hair reduction treatment delivers permanent reduction of unwanted hair on all parts of your body-with little or no pain. We have the latest technology that is proven to be safe and effective for all skin types.

Session Duration: Approx. 15-60 minutes. A minimum of 5 treatments, one every 6-8 weeks, is recommended with follow-up treatments as needed for best results, or as as recommended per your clinician.

Laser Hair Reduction

Photos courtesy of J. Shaoul, M.D.
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Abdomen Male $250.00
Abdominal Trail Female $90.00
Arms Full (including hands) $350.00
Arms Lower $225.00
Arms Upper$175.00
Hands $85.00
Back Full (including shoulders) $650.00
Back Lower (Female) $275.00
Back Lower (Male)$300.00
Back Upper (Female) $325.00
Back Upper (Male)$350.00
Bikini Extended $190.00
Bikini Full (including ab trail) $250.00
Buttocks (Female) $275.00
Buttocks (Male)$300.00
Cheeks $90.00
Chest and Abdomen (Female) $400.00
Chest and Abdomen (Male)$550.00
Chest (Female) $150.00
Chest (Male)$350.00
Chin $110.00
Ears $85.00
Feet $85.00
Forehead $85.00
Full Face (Female) $245.00
Full Face (Male) $325.00
Legs Lower$275.00
Legs Upper $375.00
Lip $90.00
Midbrow $85.00
Neck (front or back) $150.00
Nose $85.00
Shoulders $190.00
Sides of Face (Sideburns) $110.00
Underarms $130.00
All Laser Hair Reduction treatments include topical numbing cream.