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PCA SKIN understands that healthy skin is a vital part of a happy and healthy life. That is why they partner with physicians and clinicians to develop innovative skin care products that have been highly researched and are results-driven.

Skin conditions such as hyperpigmentation, acne, sensitive skin, rosacea, aging skin, and psoriasis can be addressed with a variety of PCA SKIN products. All the products are free of ingredients known to cause irritation such as pore-clogging oils, waxes, dyes, synthetic fragrances, color additives, and other ingredients that may cause sensitivities. PCA has also been acknowledged in prominent medical textbooks as the originator of advanced blended chemical peel formulations.

PCA SKIN products are exclusively available through licensed skin health professionals that have been trained and certified in their use by PCA SKIN. Their products are in over 5,000 medical practices in the U.S. and are sold in over 70 countries worldwide.